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Cops 'n Robbers - Silver Moonfire LLC

Cops ‘n Robbers is a retro-style maze game. You are the bumbling bank robber whose attempts always go awry. You have to collect the money that has scattered throughout the town. Collect power ups that you can use to thwart the cops.


  • 20 levels!
  • 4 power ups: the smoke bomb, the femme bot, the inflatable lawyer, and the laced doughnuts!
  • Start off in rural  farmland and work up to the big city!
  • GameCenter support! Track your high scores with those around the world! (iOS version)
  • The cops aren’t the only threat you have to deal with…



logo robber


Movement speed: Fast
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Cops

You are the Robber. Armed with an array of gadgets you came up with in your garage, you set out to make a fortune off the hapless banks of the country. Unfortunately, your inexperience in robbing causes you to scatter the money all across the city, and now you must scramble to collect it all before the cops catch you. Fortunately, you’re faster than most of them.

logo rookie


Movement speed: Average
Chase speed: Average
Likes: Catching crooks
Dislikes: Not being able to see
First appears: Level 1

The Rookie, fresh from cop school, is an enthusiatic member of the police force. He enjoys foot patrol and catching criminals. However, being new and possibly not very bright, he seems incapable of following clues. His successes come from when he has stumbled upon a crime in progress.

logo fat cop

Movement speed: Slow
Chase speed: Average
Likes: Doughnuts
Dislikes: Foot patrol
First appears: Level 2

The Fat Cop has an experience edge over the Rookie, and it generally better at finding trails. However, he is highly unmotivated and hates having to run, making him easy to avoid.

logo corrupt cop

Movement speed: Fast
Chase speed: Faster than you
Likes: Picking up a little “extra” cash on the job
Dislikes: Lawyers
First appears: Level 7

The Corrupt Cop is a long standing member of the force. His brutal methods are highly effective, but he has been subject to multiple reports of missing evidence.

logo inspector

Movement speed: Average
Chase speed: Average
Likes: Showing off to the ladies
Dislikes: Unsolved cases
First appears: Level 12

The Inspector is brought in to assist the police force as your exploits grow. He is relentless in his pursuit, following every clue and track in bringing criminals to justice.

logo rival

Movement speed: ???
Likes: Gems, jewelry
Dislikes: ???
First appears: ???

Little is known about the Rival. The enigmatic jewel thief has taken an interest in you, though.


iPhone/iPad version available now!

Mac/PC versions TBA

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