Deferred movement in Cops ‘n Robbers

(This is the start of a series of posts dealing with design or implementation issues in Silver Moonfire’s games.)

Cops ‘n Robbers is an arcade style game similar to Pac-Man. As with any arcade game, the movement controls have to be spot on. Ironically, Cops ‘n Robbers uses a system that gives you LESS direct control.

To start from the basics: you play a bank robber trying to avoid cops while picking up coins in a maze-like environment.

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Cops ‘n Robbers coming to PC and other platforms!

logolongWe are happy to announce that Cops ‘n Robbers is being ported! Work is beginning on the PC port, with Mac, Linux, and Android ports planned!

We are using Unity3D for the new engine. This makes cross platform releases a lot easier.

Unity also has a web player, so we will be releasing development builds here! Try out the game as it’s being developed!

New character art!

Celeste has been busily plugging away at revamping the characters, so I though I would show you the progress!


These are the old designs, created by me:

robber32frontold robber32leftold robber32rightold robber32rearold rookie32frontold rookie32leftold rookie32rightold rookie32rearold fatcop32frontold fatcop32leftold fatcop32rightold fatcop32rearold corruptcop32frontold corruptcop32leftold corruptcop32rightold corruptcop32backold rival32frontold rival32leftold rival32rightold rival32rearold


And this is what they look like after Celeste has worked her magic on them:

robberfront-hd robberleft-hd robberright-hd robberrear-hd rookiefront-hd rookieleft-hd rookieright-hd rookierear-hd fatcopfront-hd fatcopleft-hd fatcopright-hd fatcoprear-hd corruptcopfront-hd corruptcopleft-hd corruptcopright-hd corruptcoprear-hd rivalfront-hd rivalleft-hd rivalright-hd rivalrear-hd

Pretty significant change, don’t you think?