1 Game A Month: Overview and Goals

I talked about this a bit in my 2014 Year in Review post, but I’m going to work on a series of small games, and a monthly timeline seems to be about the right fit.

I’m doing this for three reasons:

  • I need to get into the habit of working on games. I spend way too much time doing other things (because I can). By working on small games that aren’t designed to be sold, I can build up the necessary habits.
  • I want to get used to using Unity. Almost every project I’ve done up to this point has involved a different library, language, or platform (or all three!). I’m going to stick with Unity for the time being, so it behooves me to get comfortable using it.
  • I plan to use each time to explore a certain technical aspect of game development. The first, Aliens Ate My Cheeseburger, is about parallax scrolling.

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Dev Log: Level loading, complete!

Since this is the third post about this process, I’m going to try and keep it short.

I can now load any level in the game with a simple variable switch! There’s still a few things that have to be fixed for it to be ready for prime time, but the basic functionality is there.

I still need to:

  • Make the minimap work. The map itself loads, but I need to write a manager for the icons to load/unload
  • The loading changes broke using traps. I need to refactor how I’m handing them so that the UI will manage showing/hiding the trap icons in inventory.
  • I still need to make the camera dynamic for the larger levels. It needs to scroll up and down based on the location of the robber.
  • There is no cleanup at the end of the level. I was relying on having one level per scene and letting Unity do the cleanup. Since I’m using a single scene for all levels now, I need to do my own cleanup.

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